A Story of Hope


A Courageous Little Kitten Gives New Meaning to the Word Hope

One of Hope's digital x-rays showing her dislocated hip and crushed pelvis

One of Hope’s digital x-rays showing her dislocated hip and crushed pelvis

Sweet little Hope was brought to us on Tuesday June 4th by two kind young women who found her in the middle of Central Avenue, right across from Lancaster High School.  This tiny 5-6 week old kitten, who wasn’t even old enough to leave her mom, had been hit by a car and the heartless driver couldn’t even bother to stop.  This poor little baby was struggling to army-crawl her way to safety, her tiny front legs dragging her broken hind end.  The two young women stopped their car, picked her up, and brought her to us.

When they brought her in she was conscious, terrified, and very painful.  The girls had named her Hope and we promised to keep her name.  She immediately received an injection of a strong pain medication, after which our Doctors gave her a thorough Physical Exam.  There was extensive damage to her pelvis and hips that was preventing her from walking.  In order to ascertain the extent of the trauma we sedated her, so she wouldn’t feel us manipulating her broken limbs, and took digital x-rays of her tiny little 1.7 pound broken body.  The x-rays revealed a crushed pelvis and a dislocated left hip.  Dr. Dusza and Dr. Fetzner discussed her situation at length, and they determined that a Femoral Head Ostectomy (FHO) would be needed to salvage her hind end. The procedure involved removing the head of the femur, allowing her body to create a new hip joint as she grows.

Hope sits so nicely for her Cold Laser Therapy

Hope sits so nicely for her Cold Laser Therapy

Little Hope underwent the procedure on June 5th, and this tough little girl came through with flying colors!  One day after her surgery, little Hope was walking on her own!  She was kept on heavy pain control for the next few days and we began icing her leg several times each day as well as doing passive range of motion exercises.  The exercises helped to build up her tiny muscles and to keep her leg moving freely in its new joint.  We also started Cold laser Therapy to speed healing and decrease pain and inflammation.  She bounced back quickly, regaining her appetite and curiosity.  Each day she gets a little stronger and a little more inquisitive.  She has such a sweet, friendly, easy-going personality, and that is really helping her recovery.  If she didn’t allow us to do cold laser or range of motion exercises she would not heal as quickly or as well as she is.

Casper says "Don't worry Hope, I'll take care of you."

Casper says “Don’t worry Hope, I’ll take care of you.”

Each day Hope grows stronger, and although she still has a long road to recovery, she’s getting better and better each day.  Hope has been through a lot in her few short weeks on this planet.  She has experienced more pain and trauma than anyone should ever have to, and while she is healing well, she still has a long road ahead of her.  Her pelvis is still crooked and she will probably require more surgeries in the future, but for now Hope is healing well and able to enjoy the carefree life every kitten deserves.