Urinary Incontinence Improved!

Peepers Darling receiving Cold Laser Therapy during her Acupuncture threatment

Peepers Darling receiving Cold Laser Therapy during her Acupuncture threatment


Holistic Medicine Has Helped Peepers to Enjoy a Better Quality of Life!


Peepers Darling came to us in late January 2012. The 13 year old spayed female cat had a neurologic condition that resulted in urinary incontinence in addition to difficulty walking and maintaining her balance. When relaxing, she would often leak a small puddle of urine without even realizing it. Peepers had been incontinent for approximately 2 years. Besides a previous diagnosis of hyperthyroidism, Peepers had no other health concerns.

At Peepers’ initial consultation Dr. Dusza began treating her with Traditional Chinese Medicine.  Treatment consisted of regular acupuncture sessions as well as Chinese herbs administered with each meal. After approximately 1 month of treatment, Peepers seemed to have more energy, plus her balance and gait had improved. Although she continued to leak urine, the volume had noticeably decreased.

Several months into treatment Peepers neurologic condition progressed to the point that she had lost the ability to express, or empty, her own bladder. She was diagnosed with a urinary tract infection due to her inability to fully empty her bladder, and her owner was taught how to express the bladder for her. During this time, Peepers incontinence progressed to the point where she wasn’t using a litter box. Peeper’s was unaware that she was urinating as she went about her daily routine, and so an additional medication was added to strengthen her bladder. Daily treatment with herbs and weekly acupuncture continued.

Peepers continued to have incontinence after the urinary tract infection resolved, but the volume and frequency of her incontinent episodes had decreased considerably. Although her gait had improved, at times she still had difficulty walking and maintaining her balance. In May 2012 the Lancaster Small Animal Hospital purchased our Class 4 Cold Laser Therapy unit, and Dr. Dusza added Cold Laser Therapy to Peepers’ treatment plan. For the first week she came for treatment every other day, and after just three cold laser sessions Peepers’ gait and balance had improved considerably. In addition, the amount of urine leakage decreased and often she was able to make it to the litter box rather than leaking as she went about her daily activities. As Peepers improved, Dr. Dusza decreased the frequency of Cold Laser Therapy to twice per week plus weekly acupuncture and Chinese herbs with each meal.

After 2 months of treatment with Cold Laser, acupuncture, and herbs Peepers was using the litter box on her own much more frequently and her urinary incontinence had improved considerably. She would still leak small amounts urine when relaxed, but she seemed to have more control over her urination. She would go the litter box and empty her bladder as much as she could on her own, then her owner would have to express the remaining urine for her. This is a considerable improvement from the very frequent urine leak she presented with originally. Plus, her gait and balance had improved considerably! She fell far less then when she first began treatment, and she was much more playful. Initially, Peepers had difficulty walking and maintaining her balance, and now she could run, jump, and play a little bit. Since Peepers had improved so much, Dr. Dusza further decreased the frequency of treatment from two cold laser sessions per week with one weekly acupuncture treatment to one weekly session of cold laser with acupuncture. Peepers’ continued to take Chinese herbs with each meal.

In conclusion, the use of acupuncture, herbs, and Cold Laser Therapy have greatly improved Peepers’ quality of life. She’s able to walk, jump, and play without falling over, and she has better control over her bladder. While her owner does have to expresses her bladder regularly, there is far less urine leakage around the house. Overall, holistic medicine has helped Peepers to lead a more normal, healthy, and happy life.